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One from the Other earns 'Best New Album'

Al Bee took home "Best New Album" at the inaugural NWT Music Awards Gala for his debut album, One from the Other, released in April.  The album was nominated among other new releases by prominent NWT artists: Andrea Bettger, Carmen Braden and Amy Lusk & the Easy Hundo.

Al's single, Shine as the Stars, released in Fall 2021, was also nominated for "Best in Debut Release".


Album Release: One From The Other

Al Bee's debut full-length album, One from the Other, is now available at Apple Music, YouTube Music and other streaming platforms.

One from the Other explores a varied terrain of percussive and rhythmic experiences, spinning tales, creations and interpretations from Al's world. A variety of musical guests from Yellowknife, NWT, and beyond contribute to this unique sonic playground - a surround-sound peek into Al Bee's mind.

The album is streaming on all major platforms, with a limited press of compact discs en route. For the digital era, the album's liner notes are published online here.


New Single: Shine As The Stars

Al's new single, Shine as the Stars, is now available at Apple Music, YouTube Music and other online music outlets.

Composed by Al Bee
Produced by Al Bee
Music Editing by Al Bee
Mixed by Adrian Dolan
Mastered by Joby Baker
Recording Engineering by David Dowe (drums & percussion)
Recording Engineering by Al Bee (strings & brass)
Studio Assistant: Allan Yeoman
Recorded in Yellowknife, NT
Uillean Pipes recorded in Baltimore, ON by Steafan Hannigan

Uillean Pipes: Steafan Hannigan
Highland Pipes (sampled): Bill Fairley
Violins: Andrea Bettger, Barbara Fortin Clinton, Kathryn Oraas
Cellos: Anne-Marie Guedon, Clare Whitehead
Trumpet: Sean Daly
Trombone: Joanna Wilson
Keyboard Sampled Instruments: Al Bee
Drums & Percussion: Al Bee

Cover painting by Kae McColl, 1969

Shine as the Stars cover

Originally titled "Uncle Don", this track began as a tribute to Al's late uncle, Don McColl. It then grew to become a tribute to the clan that produced him! The new title is borrowed from the following poem whose author was inspired by a visit to the centuries old McColl burial grounds in Scotland, and who shares the same initials as Uncle Don.

The Just Shine as the Stars

Circled by fields long forfeited,
High on Craigcurelain,
The ancient grave-stones of our dead
Still moulder in the rain.

MacColls! Far exiled oversea,
Or banished to the town,
Or lingering where, on croft and tree,
The Appin hills look down.

Gathered at nightfall in your place,
Re-vision, as you can,
The last tomb-holdings of a race,
The fighting, faithful clan;

And where the steadfast stars are bright
Above that sacred dust,
Learn to be valliant in the fight,
And after, to be just.

D.S. McColl, April 1935